The committee is arranging a bulk order of discounted potatoes and onions via FEDAGA.

Potatoes are available in 2.5kg bags, onions in 250g bags and shallots in 500g bags at the following prices:

Potatoes (per bag):         £2.50
Onions (per bag):           £1.00
Shallots (per bag):          £2.00


Please send your order to me by Monday 17th of November 2015 

Click here to submit your order online

Delivery is expected mid-February 2015.  

Delivery to the site is only possible with the help of volunteers - please let me know if you would be willing to help out.

Payment by cheque payable to 'Midmar Allotments' or cash should be sent to:

Laura McWhirter
40/4 Braid Road,
EH 10 6AD